HEAT Apparel



HEAT Apparel was officially founded last year at the end of Spring 2018. Our street/urban wear clothing aims to represent the sudden energy burst we get when we are doing what we truly love. We all have this inner flame. Our willingness to challenge our deepest limitations ignites this flame and keeps it burning. You can check our Instagram @heat.apparel for a glimpse into our world.
We’re fired up by the possibilities, and hope you are as well.

2019 HEAT APPAREL Ambassadors:

Lisa Vu (@lisavu), Atela Monet (@its.tela), Alexandra M. (@alexandra_g_m_), Alexis Cols (@alexiscols)


Social Dance Event: July 5th, 7-8:30pm, 17543 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills (HEAT Apparel will be present. Get a feel for our clothing) FREE EVENT